Monster Energy Drinks in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A case has been brought against Monster Beverage Corporation for the wrongful death of a teenage girl who died after consuming numerous cans of Monster energy drink. This and other similar cases bring into focus the issue of whether energy drinks are hazardous to one’s health if consumed in large quantities. An expert witness in toxicology is often a key to arguing the scientific basis of the case.

The Case

The case, reported by ABC News, brings to bear an intriguing issue of whether death by caffeine is a viable argument for litigators. Support for the case is the introduction of post-marketing incident reports from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which suggest that as many as five deaths since 2009 may be attributable to the consumption of Monster Energy drinks.

A scientific issue that an expert witness in toxicology may argue against the possibility that death was caused by caffeine is that a lethal dose of caffeine is very difficult to ingest when consuming Monster Energy drinks. The teenager whose death is the focus of this case consumed approximately 480 mg of caffeine in a two day period, yet a lethal dose of caffeine is considered under normal circumstances to be 5 grams to 10 grams. Simply said, the girl ingested a mere fraction of the amount of caffeine that is necessary to cause death.

Further complicating the case is the fact that the girl had a pre-existing condition— a leaky heart valve— which may have contributed to her death. Whether the manufacturer had any liability to provide appropriate warning labels is another issue for consideration in the case. An expert witness in toxicology would certainly be useful in arguing the scientific basis of this case..

Expert Witness in Toxicology, Dr. Harry A. Milman

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