Toxicologists Call into Question Link between Weed Killer and Cancer

A toxicology expert witness is often the key to discrediting information used against individuals and companies in litigation. Toxicologists and public health experts have called into question an alleged link between cancer and Monsanto Corporation’s weed killer Roundup and GM maize, according to The Grocer.

The Study’s Findings

The link was alleged in a peer-reviewed study published recently in Food & Chemical Toxicology, which analyzed long-term effects of the weed killer and maize on laboratory rats. Rats exposed to the substances developed severe liver and kidney damage, as well as mammary tumors just four to seven months into the study. The rats in the control group also developed these conditions in many cases, but much later. It should be noted that NK603 maize has been approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Questioning the Study

Monsanto Corporation toxicologists suggested that there was some question about the source of the maize used in the study, and that many crucial details regarding dietary preparation and statistical analysis drawing the alleged link were missing. Moreover, they argued that the study did not suggest a logical mechanism to support how the substances might have led to the cancers found in the test subjects. Further, Monsanto argued that the early onset of tumors in the exposed test subjects fell within the norm for the strain of rat used. It was further argued that existing scientific evidence does not suggest such a link.

Should the issue ultimately result in litigation, a toxicology expert witness will almost certainly be brought to refute the charges.

Expert Witness Harry A. Milman

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