Mysterious Death of Tourist May Be Explained by Toxicology Report

The death of a tourist in a downtown Los Angeles hotel last month has made national news, both for its oddity and lack of a clear explanation. Whether the death was the result of foul play or an accident is a matter that may be explained when the toxicology report is completed. Should the matter go to trial, a toxicology expert witness would likely be called to testify.

A Mysterious Death

The tourist, a 21 year old woman from Vancouver, British Columbia, disappeared after last being seen on January 31. Weeks later, her body was found in a water tank at the top of the Cecil Hotel, when an investigation into an unexplained loss in water pressure led workers to the gruesome find.

The Los Angeles County coroner is conducting toxicology tests to determine if the woman had ingested any drugs, and, if so, whether she had taken more than the prescribed dose. This might help explain whether the death was accidental. However, another factor that has not yet been explained is how the woman managed her way to the water tank to begin with. Only certain hotel personnel had access to the roof and the tank.

If the matter eventually will be brought to a criminal trial, one or both sides may require the use of a toxicology expert witness.

Toxicology Expert Witness, Dr. Harry A. Milman

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