Chicago Lottery Winner’s Death Ruled as Poisoning by Homicide

In cases of intentional lethal poisoning, a toxicology expert often is brought in to testify at trial. Such might be the case when a trial eventually is brought in the death of a Chicago man who had recently won the million dollar lottery.pharmacology expert witness

A homicide investigation has been opened in what is now regarded as a murder by poisoning of a Chicago man who last July had won a large lottery payout a day before his death. The death initially was attributed to hardening of the arteries, but after a relative of the man requested that the case be investigated further, the medical examiner uncovered the real and very disturbing truth.

Death by Cyanide Poisoning

Mr. Urooj Kahn, 46 years old, died on July 19, 2011, only one month after purchasing a million dollar winning lottery ticket at a local convenience store. However, the winner’s check was cashed on August 15, one month after Mr. Kahn’s death, which likely was the reason an unnamed relative of Mr. Kahn later came forward to ask Chicago Police to investigate the death as suspicious.

With further toxicological testing, the Cook County Medical Examiner subsequently determined that Mr. Kahn had died of cyanide poisoning. No suspect has yet been identified in the death. However, when a trial eventually is brought in the case, a pharmacology and toxicology expert witness will undoubtedly be useful in explaining to the jury the mechanism of cyanide poisoning.

Even in small doses, cyanide can cause violent, convulsive death within minutes of being ingested. The poison interferes with cells’ ability to utilize oxygen, and the victim dies after suffering painful suffocation.

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