Pharmacy Expert Witness and Consultant

As a pharmacy expert witness and consultant, Dr. Harry A. Milman provides consulting and litigation support related to pharmacy standards of care. Dr. Milman was a licensed pharmacist in New York and Maryland for about 35 years and was the first pharmacist at the White Earth Indian Health Center in Minnesota.

Dr. Milman has provided litigation support in cases involving pharmacy standard of care, including:

  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Contraindications
  • Dispensing errors
  • Drug allergies and drug sensitivities
  • Drug and auxiliary labels
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Drug therapy
  • Drug-to-drug interactions
  • Drug toxicity
  • Errors in labeling
  • Errors in pharmacy prescription communication
  • Inadequate warnings and precautions
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Overdose and over dosage
  • Side effects of drug therapy
  • Standards of pharmacy practice

For More Information

If you would like further details related to Dr. Milman’s role as a pharmacy expert witness and consultant, please contact him by phone at 301-871-6715 or send him a message at . You may also download his resume, publications, and case history.