Expert Witness Case History

Dr. Harry A. Milman has provided his expert services in many cases and highlights some of his most recent experience below.

Testimony at Trial

  • Dr. Milman provided expert trial testimony at:
    • A personal injury case involving a collision between an automobile and a pedestrian who had alcohol in her system.
    • A sentencing hearing in a case of juvenile homicide involving the caffeinated alcoholic energy drink, Joose.
    • The first and second trials of a Houston, TX doctor who was charged with treating her patients with an unapproved “Botox-like” product. Dr. Milman provided expert testimony for the Defense; the verdict was overturned on Appeal.
    • A case that alleged that an overdose of morphine caused or contributed to the death of a hospital patient suffering from sepsis.
    • A jury trial in Hagerstown, MD in which Dr. Milman provided expert testimony for the Defense in the case involving alleged health effects from an accidental release into the home of heating oil #2 (“light” fuel oil) that contained benzene as an impurity.

Testimony at Deposition

  • Dr. Milman provided expert testimony at depositions for:
    • A personal injury case involving exposure to arsenic in CCA-treated wood.
    • A personal injury case involving use of gadolinium contrast agent for MRI.
    • A pharmacy standard of care/personal injury case involving myopathy allegedly caused by wrongly dispensed dexamethasone.
    • A case that alleged that anosmia was caused by Zicam (zinc gluconate) nasal gel.
    • A case against an insurance company for non-payment of death benefits because of alleged non-disclosure of use of prescription opioids for chronic non-cancer pain.
    • The “FEMA formaldehyde trailer litigation” resulting from the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
    • A medical malpractice and pharmacy standard of care case involving Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis allegedly caused by Levaquin and Cipro. Treatment with Dilantin was a confounding factor.
    • A medical malpractice/wrongful death case in Baltimore, MD in which morphine intoxication, Compazine, and Tequin were implicated.
    • A case that alleged that a pharmacist erroneously dispensed phenobarbital instead of Xanax.
    • A medical malpractice/wrongful death case in Rockville, MD involving co-prescribing of a thiazide diuretic and lithium.
    • A case that alleged that progesterone and/or progesterone-containing contraceptive pills accelerated the growth of a brain tumor.

Consultation in Discovery

  • Dr. Milman has also assisted attorneys as a consultant in discovery in:
    • A personal injury case in Darwin, Australia involving developmental and behavioral changes in a four-year old child allegedly caused by lead exposure inside and outside of the home.
    • A personal injury case involving dermatological and respiratory effects allegedly caused by excessive chlorine in a hot tub at a spa in a major resort in Colorado.
    • A case in which an employee was fired after testing positive for cocaine in a random drug test.
    • A food poisoning case in Mississippi.
    • A case in which exposure to the termiticide chlorpyrifos (the active ingredient of Dursban TC) allegedly caused various neurological, dermatological, and respiratory symptoms.

For More Information

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